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About Us

quienes-1LabGenetics, Laboratorio de Genética Clínica S.L., is a private biotechnology center settled in Madrid in 2004. The company is focused on the area of Human Health and it’s specialized in genetic analyses applied to Clinical Genetics of hereditary diseases and to Forensics Genetics. LabGenetics has been a pioneer center in the establishment of a Unit of Genetics within Madrid Community.

LabGenetics arises with a main aim, to put Genetics within everyone’s reach. With this purpose the company, constituted by a multidisciplinary and highly dynamic team, is able to offer a quick, integral and personalized service and to evaluate the requirements and particularities of every single received request. LabGenetics offers answers and flexible solutions adapted to the particular needs of every person.

LabGenetics continuously implements improvements both in the processes of analysis and in the technological equipments and human teams and also offers great quality and highly competitive services.

The company has a great network of collaborating laboratories distributed both in Spain and worldwide.

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In the field of Clinical Genetics, the most advanced technologies are used in order to identify alterations in the DNA sequence linked to hereditary diseases, both the most prevalent and the known as Rare Diseases. LabGenetics is also specialized in genetic prenatal analyses to find out, during the pregnancy, any congenital defect or development anomaly that could be present at birth. In addition, LabGenetics offers a customized genetic diagnosis service, highly flexible and dynamic, focused on the specific requirements of every patient.

From the very beginning, LabGenetics collaborates with public and private Hospitals, Clinics and Centers, both in Spain and worldwide, providing great quality genetic analyses, within a quick delivery time and with very competitive prices. The company also offers its services to individuals.

Due to its know how to do, LabGenetics has become a genetic diagnosis reference center in Europe.

In the field of Forensic Genetics, the company offers accurate and highly decisive analyses within a minimum delivery time. High quality studies to satisfy the demand for DNA tests of paternity, biological kinship, genetic identification of any type of biological trace and biological fluids detection from any type of stain. The reports issued by LabGenetics have judicial validity and can be used in Courts of Justice, both in civil and criminal proceedings. Nowadays, LabGenetics is a leading company in Forensic Genetics identification in Spain and has the ISO/IEC 17.025 certification for these analyses.


For more than five years, LabGenetics collaborates, in a non profit way, with the Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory (ARMH) and with other similar associations, to identify osseous remains coming from common graves of Spanish Civil War victims. The company also works with different associations, in cases of irregular adoptions and newborn’s subtractions, and has a DNA database, validated for forensics use, that allows an efficient comparison of genetic profiles guaranteeing no mistakes in genetic identifications.

To offer the maximum quality in its analyses, LabGenetics has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with recognized wide experience both in Forensics and Clinical Genetics. The company also owns a fully equipped laboratory with the most advanced technology in Molecular Biology.

LabGenetics dedicates part of its human and economic resources to consolidate groups of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D) with the aim of keeping the laboratory at the vanguard of the biotechnology applied to genetic diagnosis and human genetic identification.

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