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Transfer of Technology (TOT)

LabGenetics offers, through its Department of Transfer of Technology, the possibility of carrying out customized projects to implement and to set up into motion laboratories of Molecular Biology, focused in human genetic analyses, in either Forensic or Clinical Genetics areas.

The projects, designed by LabGenetics, are completely flexible and adjustable to the requirements of each petitioner and keep the highest quality guarantee. Investing in such a laboratory of genetic analyses provides an excellent ratio cost /benefit.

All the projects offered by LabGenetics’ Department of Transfer of Technology consist of several stages and, depending on the needs of each client, these can be implemented as a whole or just those required.

Technical Project Design.
In this stage, LabGenetics prepares a customized technical project following the requirements of every single client. For this reason, it is mandatory to define the specific purpose of the laboratory, the available space, and the type and volume of the samples to be analyzed. Once all these data are specified, LabGenetics elaborates a project including:
  • Laboratory design
    A laboratory scaled plan is carried out, dividing the existing space into different areas, following international recommendations and standards. This is a very important step in order to achieve the best effectiveness of the lab, as well as to minimize contamination hazards between different working areas. This design also includes the distribution of the laboratory furniture, equipment, electrical installations and air conditioning, etc.
  • Equipment, materials and reagents list.
    Depending on the methodological requirements of the laboratory, LabGenetics provides a list containing the appropriate equipment to ensure the best quality technology. Likewise, essential materials and reagents are also included.
  • Training needs.
    LabGenetics develops a training plan according to the specific requirement of each project and considering the previous knowledge and characteristics of the technical staff.
Carrying out the project and starting-up the laboratory
Once the project requirements are defined and following the client’s approval, LabGenetics starts the installation of the laboratory, following these steps:
  • Laboratory fitting out.
    LabGenetics is in charge of the construction to divide the existing space into the different working rooms, as well as, of the fitting out of the working areas according to their final operation (electrical and water installation, air conditioning, access points, etc).
  • Furniture.
    LabGenetics designs, distributes and installs all the laboratory furniture for each working room (benches, chests of drawers, wardrobes, shelves, chairs, etc). This furniture is specifically designed for Molecular Biology laboratories.
  • Equipment, materials and reagents.
    LabGenetics organizes the purchase of the necessary equipments, materials and reagents required for the proper operation of the future laboratory. LabGenetics, also warrants to provide the most advanced technology, from the most prestigious suppliers able to guarantee the maintenance and the spare parts within the country where the new laboratory operates.
  • Start up.
    LabGenetics installs the equipments in the different working areas, checking its optimum operation. At this point, the laboratory is ready to function at the maximum efficiency.
Scientific and technical training
The Training Plan, specifically designed for each project, is a fundamental part of the Transfer of Technology service offered by LabGenetics. The characteristics of this training plan depend on the techniques and methodologies that will operate in the laboratory and on the previous technical staff training. Some of these characteristics are:
  • The training plan contains theoretical and practical aspects. It also includes a complete and updated manual, as well as papers, reviews, standards and recommendations related to the methodology to be used.
  • All theoretical and practical aspects of the training plan follow the standards, recommendations and guidelines of several international standardization groups.
  • The training courses are taught by highly qualified LabGenetics staff.
  • The training takes place in the new laboratory. This guarantees that the technical staff learns the required theoretical and practical knowledge to precisely and reliably carry out all the implanted protocols.
  • A test is done once the training period is finished, and in order to evaluate the training of the technical staff. If this test is passed, a certificate will be provided.
Technical support
Once the project has concluded, LabGenetics offers to the laboratory technical support at least for one year. During this period, LabGenetics provides a continuous technical support service to solve all the problems and doubts which may arise.


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