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Prenatal diagnosis

LabGenetics is specialized in Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis and offers the service of analyzing the DNA of fetal cells, during the pregnancy and in the fastest way, to detect eventual genetic defects in the fetus. All prenatal studies are processed and analyzed in a prioritary and urgent way.

About 4% of all the alive newborn present any type of congenital defect. In these cases, the more common risks are: family history, overage or having previously a child with a hereditary disease.

Sample types

Chorionic villi: Chorionoc villus samplig has to be done by pregnancy weeks 10 to 12 by transcervical biopsy.

Amniotic liquid: Sampling has to be done by pregnancy weeks 14 to 20 by transabdominal puncture.

Test types


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More information

For more information on prenatal diagnosis, or if you would like to receive personal care in our laboratory in Madrid. One of our experts will inform you of everything without commitment.
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