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Criminalistics DNA Tests

LabGenetics collaborates, mainly with private detectives and criminologists, to solve different types of investigations:

Support in personal investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations:
    • Genetic identification (DNA fingerprinting) of biological traces (cigarette butts, hairs, nails, stains of biological origin, etc.) and comparison with petitioner’s genotype.
    • Semen detection in any type of stain and on any kind of material (condoms, underwear, toiletries, etc).
    • Sex determination (male or female) of the biological trace.
  • Company Investigations:
    • DNA fingerprinting of biological traces in investigations of robbery, anonymous, sabotage, threats, etc, and comparison with the genetic profiles of the workers or associates.
  • Private Investigations:
    • Genetic identification of biological traces and comparison with suspects (relatives or acquaintances) in any type private crimes (robbery, blackmail, kidnapping, sabotage, anonymous and threats, etc).

The genetic systems analyzed by LabGenetics allow to compare the obtained DNA profiles with genetic profile databases, both national (Scientific Police, Civil Guard) and international (CODIS-FBI, INTERPOL, etc).

Support in criminalistics cases.
  • Violent crimes.
  • Crimes against sexual liberty.
  • Terrorist tracking and identification.
  • Kidnapping or blackmail.
  • Sabotages, anonymous or threats.
Identification of missing people.

Comparison of mortal remains with genetic profiles from missing people or his/hers relatives.

Identification of catastrophe and war victims.
  • Plane crashes.
  • Terrorist attacks.
  • Natural catastrophes.


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