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Genetic Profiling

DNA fingerprinting or genetic profiling (genotype) consists of a combination of sets of numbers (known as alleles) corresponding with autosomic markers (STRs). Each profile identifies to every single individual (with the exception of monozygotic twins).

DNA fingerprinting, that remains constant lifelong, allows identification but doesn’t provide any other type of information (such as genetic predisposition to disease), guaranteeing privacy.

Genetic profiling can be useful in different situations:

  • Genetic identification of adopted children, establishing an unequivocal link to the adoptive parents.
  • Legal documents, such as wills.
  • Immigrant genetic identification in order to proceed to family reunification.
  • In some risky groups (such as fireman, soldiers, etc.) to allow their identification in case of catastrophe.
  • In irregular adoptions and baby abductions cases baby abductions.
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