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Paternity Tests using other samples

TSample types (non-standard): Cigarette butts, hairs with root, nails, toothbrushes, chewing gum, drinking glasses, handkerchiefs with mucus, blood stains,semen, underwear, etc.
People to be analyzed: Child and alleged father. (Mother: Optional and free).
Informative Paternity Test
240,00 €
Price: 240,00 €
Additional Person: 90,00 €
Express Service (24h): 150,00 €
Additonal Person
90,00 €
Express Service (24h)
150,00 €
Delivery time: : 3 to 5 working days.
Payment: Cash, credit card, bank transfer, deposit, cash on delivery.

Print the application request (link) and send it attached to the samples to the following address, by courier or mail:

To obtain more information or if you request more customized attention, please, contact us to the phone number (+34) 91 659 22 98 or by e-mail info@labgenetics.com.es