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Hereditary diseases and rare diseases

LabGenetics offers a Hereditary Diseases’ Catalogue containing more than 1.000 genetic tests. Every single one has been optimized and validated by our professionals in our own facilities.

Depending on the pathology, LabGenetics performs different molecular studies: complete gene sequencing, frequent mutations analysis, hotspot exons sequencing, point mutations detection, panels to simultaneously sequence several genes, MLPA studies (deletions and duplications), unstable triplet repeat analysis, MLPA methylation studies, etc.

In addition, it is also possible to carry out the prenatal diagnosis for all the diseases included in our Catalogue, starting from non cultured fetal cells.

Besides, LabGenetics is prepared to offer genetic diagnosis by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

SIf you have found in our catalogue the disease or the gene you were looking for, please click here for a customized budget.
To send biological samples, please follow the indications here described.

The samples must be sent with the application form.

If you are looking for a genetic test that it’s not included in our catalogue, please, contact us. LabGenetics offers a customized genetic diagnosis service and continuously implements new genetic tests in its portfolio. Our aim is to establish narrow collaborations allowing to perform the proper analysis for every case, in the most quick and economic way.
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More information

For more information on prenatal diagnosis, or if you would like to receive personal care in our laboratory in Madrid. One of our experts will inform you of everything without commitment.
Or if you prefer you can call us at (+34) 91 659 22 98, or send an email to info@labgenetics.com.es