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Prenatal Paternity Tests during Pregnancy

Sample type:
Chorionic villi: Chorionoc villus sampling must be done by pregnancy weeks 10 to 12 by transcervical biopsy.
Amniotic liquid: Sampling must be done by pregnancy weeks 14 to 20 by transabdominal puncture.
People to be analyzed: Child, alleged father and mother (mandatory).
Prenatal Paternity Test
300,00 €
Precio: 300,00 € Additional Person: 90,00 € Express Service (24h): 150,00 €
Additional Person
90,00 €
Express Service (24h)
150,00 €
* The provided fees are exclusively for the DNA test. Sample collection (chorionic villus or amniotic liquid) must be paid independently to the gynecological center.
Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days.
Payment: Cash, credit card, bank transfer, deposit, cash on delivery.
Fetal Sample Collection:
LabGenetics collaborates with several gynecological and reproductive centers, in different Spanish locations, where sampling can be done. If you are interested, please contact us and we will set a date with the nearest center.

It is also possible to carry out the fetal sample collection in any other center. In this case, LabGenetics will contact it to coordinate the sample sending to our facilities to carry out the prenatal paternity test.

It is important to remark that both, chorionic biopsy and amniocentesis, have a small miscarriage risk (down to 0,5%). Amniocentesis is safer than chorionic biopsy. To minimize risks it is mandatory that the pregnant mother stays in complete rest for two days after the intervention.

Reference Sample Collection (mother and allegued father)
Mother and allegued father sampling can be carried out at the gynecological center when fetal sample collection.

It is also possible to carry out the sample collection at LabGenetics or at any collaborative center. Besides, if you prefer, we can send you a confidential and free sample collection kit (link) to do it on your own.

Do you want to carry out the reference samples for the prenatal paternity test yourself?

To obtain more information or if you request more customized attention, please, contact us to the phone number (+34) 91 659 22 98 or by e-mail info@labgenetics.com.es