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Post-mortem Paternity and Kinship Tests using corpse remains

Sample types:Bone remains: Teeth (molars) or long and compact bones (femur).

Relative Samples: Swabs with saliva or buccal epithelium cells, cigarette butts, hairs with root, nails, etc.

People to be analyzed: Decesased + Direct Relative (son/daughter, father, mother, brother/sister, uncle/aunt, nephew/niece, etc.)

These Paternity or Kinship tests using corpse remains (teeth or bones) have an additional cost of 200 euros.
Delivery time: 10 to 15 working days, depending on the received sample characteristics.

Payment: Cash, credit card, bank transfer, deposit, cash on delivery.

LabGenetics has a forensic expert network, able to move to the exhumation location, to carry out the corpse remain sample collection keeping the custody chain. This service would be separately invoiced.

If you have already the remains, please, send samples as follows:

  • Teeth: It is highly recommended to select at least 4 non-damaged teeth, molars whenever possible. Tooth must be completely extracted, including its root. The Jaw must be sent whenever the extraction is not posible.
  • Bones: Long and compact bones (preferably a femur) will be sent. They must be as clean as possible.

If you have both types of samples, it is better to send teeth, since DNA is better preserved on them.

If you don’t have any of them, please contact LabGenetics (link) to decide which of the existing samples would be the best to work with.

When it is not possible to obtain samples from the deceased person, paternity or kinship tests could be done using indirect samples (such as, toothbrushes, hairs with root, clothes, cigarette butts, envelopes, stamps, biopsies, blood or sperm donations, etc.) In this case, click here to obtain more information.

To obtain more information or if you request more customized attention, please, contact us to the phone number (+34) 91 659 22 98 or by e-mail info@labgenetics.com.es