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Technical Advisory Services and Forensics Expert Reports

Within the last few years, there has been a considerable increase in the use of DNA tests in many different legal proceedings, both in civil ones, such as paternity suits, and in criminal ones, such as criminal charges following the genetic identification of biological evidences.

Nowadays, DNA test validity is out of doubt. However, it is essential that both lawyers and their clients know the technical basis of this test, its usefulness, its limitations and, especially, its meaning and interpretation, mainly in complex cases (i.e. mixtures of genetic profiles from several people, partial or incomplete profiles…).

LabGenetics has forensics experts able to offer scientific and technical advisory services, including:

  • Interpretation of expert reports based on DNA evidences in legal proceedings.
  • Expert reports and critical analyses of expert reports provided by other public or private laboratories.
  • Assistance to legal proceedings as forensic experts to ratify reports based on DNA evidences.
  • Theoretical and practical training in Forensic Genetics techniques to professionals, private individuals, companies, laboratories and investigation teams.


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