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Technology transfer and turn-key laboratories

What is the cost of a training and set into motion of a turn-key laboratory?

The final price will depend on several factors, so we do recommend you to contact us ask for a personalized quote depending on your needs.

Would it be possible to have training in certain techniques in an already “up-and-running” installed laboratory?

Of course. If you already have an installed laboratory and desire to set into motion some of the techniques offered by LabGenetics, call us and we will draw up a training personalized plan for you.

Is it necessary to sign up for all the phases of the project?

No. Technology transfer project that LabGenetics offers are totally flexible and suitable to the petitioner’s request, so it is not necessary to implement all the phases, only those that are considered necessary.

What is the deadline for a turn-key laboratory?

It depends on several factors: size and location of the place where the laboratory will be installed; number of division; previous existing set-up; techniques to be established; number or people to train, etc. Despite this, the deadline including training should, on no account, be later than 6-8 months after the signing of the contract.